Intelligent mortgage lending

We provide intelligent mortgage lending solutions for borrowers, investors and brokers.
If you're looking for a company that can give you investment options and mortgage funding solutions, look no further. We have over 20 years of experience in private mortgage lending and are dedicated to helping you with your investment or loan requirements

Discover the Avano difference

  • Being a long established Melbourne lending company, we understand the local real estate market. This means we can select the loans that will meet your needs.
  • As a boutique firm we are personally available to provide information and answer any queries and concerns you may have. Our clients appreciate our regular communication and the tailored service we offer.
  • Our attention to detail and our 20 years of private mortgage lending experience, differentiates us from other lending firms. We carefully review each loan to ensure it meets our requirements and will be satisfactory to our investors.

How we work

Our specialist team will assess your personal requirements to provide you with the ideal loan.
Loan setup
We conduct due diligence for each application to determine if the loan is satisfactory and a suitable investment. If the loan meets the requirements it is then submitted to the Lenders for approval.
Interest payment
Once Loan Documents have been issued and signed, the loan funds are provided on settlement to the Borrower and the first interest payment is retained and paid to the Lender. This establishes the loan and a mortgage is then registered on the property to secure the interest of the Lender.

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