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For Borrowers

What terms do you offer?
Loan terms are generally between 6 to 12 months. Some loans may have an option to extend the loan subject to approval by the lenders and your due compliance with the terms of the loan.

What properties do you accept as security
Residential, commercial, industrial, and vacant land in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

What is the LVR on loans?
We provide loans with a maximum of 66% LVR for first mortgages and a maximum of 75% LVR for second mortgages.

What is the interest rate and fees?
Interest varies depending on the type of loan you have requested and the relative risk to the investors. Details of fees can be provided separately.
How do I apply?
You can apply online or you can download our application form from our website and submit it to info@avano.com.au. Our staff are happy to answer any questions that you may have during the application process.
What type of borrowers can apply?
A Borrower can be individuals, companies, trusts, or Super Funds and the loan funds must be used for business or investment purposes. A Borrower must be the proprietor of Australian real estate which will be provided as security for the loan. The Borrower must also be able to meet all interest payments and have an exit strategy for the loan.

How do construction loans work?
A construction loan must be a first mortgage. If you have a current mortgage over the property, we shall provide an initial advance to refinance and discharge your existing mortgage. Thereafter, we shall pay progress advances to the Builder upon completion of each stage of the build.

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